Saturday, July 5

Stand Up Paddle with Mo'ana Malmö

That's me on the far right.

I tried Stand Up Paddle or SUP today. It's easy to learn the basics - after an hour I could make turns and got pretty much where I intended to go. And this was on a windy day where it is easy to drift out to sea. We paddled from one end on Ribbersborg beach (Ribban to us locals) to Kallbadhuset and back again. It took us a little more than an hour.

I did fall off the SUP (stand up paddleboard - essentially a very big surfboard) a few times. But I grew up on the coast and I'm not scared of getting wet. And after that first fall I realised that it was kinda fun to test my balance and what I could do on the board. When I fell I simply found my paddle and crawled back onto the SUP. I say crawled because there was nothing graceful about it.

It's a good workout but there is so much happening around you (waves, winds, fellow SUPers) so it doesn't feel like a training session. It's gonna be interesting to see how sore I am tomorrow.

Check out Mo'ana Malmö to learn more or book your own SUP experience.

Being Punky on Tumblr

I've made a tumblr so now I have an excuse to play with GIFs.
You can find it at or just click on Henry Rollins.

Wednesday, May 21

The lost art of long conversations

There is something about getting lost in a long conversation. About being drawn in, and letting other people share your space, your thoughts and your experiences. Long conversations are a good thing for a social media maven like me, who tends to spend a little too much time staring at screens.

Being a part of long conversations is a bit like meditating or practising mindfulness - it let's my mind unwind rather than rev up with rock n roll.
These are the podcasts that make me look forward to long drives or spending a few hours in the kitchen.

The first podcast that really opened my eyes (or should that be ears) to the format was athlete and plant power advocate Rich Roll. I found his podcast after reading his book Finding Ultra.
A great inspiration for eating better, being grateful and living in the moment.

I discovered Osher Günsberg when he was a guest on the Rich Roll podcast. The episode had me laughing out loud in my car - to a segment about getting divorced and rebuilding your life.
This Aussie's honest and open conversations with a variety of guests has made him one of my favourite radio voices. He also has great theme music.

Osher Günsberg and Natalia Perez co-host the advice podcast Let Me Tell You Something. It's fun, witty and the host share their own stories of failed dates, awkward first kisses and making a god impression on the in-laws.

Rich Roll (top), Osher Günsberg and Natalia Perez.
Photos stolen from the internet.

Tuesday, March 18

Hello Dolly

Sheep and lambs at the stable in Torup. Shot with a Fujifilm X20. I really like working with this little camera.


How are you?


In color.

Saturday, March 15

Sticky & the Bombs

Sticky & the Bombs live at Skeppsbron 2 in Malmö. Shot on a Fujifilm X20.

Sticky, Jake and Kerry.

Kerry Bomb


Sticky Bomb

The Band

Kerry Bomb


The Headlines at Loppen

Some photos from February 26th. My friends The Headlines opened for The Queers at Loppen in Copenhagen. Shot with a Fujifilm X20.

Kerry Bomb


Jake and Peter


Kerry Bomb

Kerry and Jake

The Queers

Sunday, February 2

Possibly the best thing on the internet

Tom Hiddleston teaches Cookie Monster about  delayed gratification. Something tells me this wasn't made with the usual Sesame Street audience in mind.