Wednesday, January 30

I daydream. I accept academy awards, MTV awards and even the odd Pulitzer Prize while sitting at my desk at work, waiting for the person at the other end to pick up the phone.
I attend legendary concerts and parties on the arm of a plethora of rock stars while I wait for my train to pull up to the platform.

The idea of dating a rock star has always appealed to me. I have a thing for punk rock boys with eyeliner and I thought I would fit in nicely in a rock n roll house in California; going to great shows, eating at cool vegan restaurants and hangin' out every night.

I gave the girlfriend idea some serious thought during a very slow night at work. (Hey, how many hours can you spend listening to a crackling police radio before you zone out and start to fantasize about the guys on your desktop wallpaper.)
And then it hit me. I would suck at being a rock star's girlfriend. Why?


6. I can never shut up.
I watched an interview with Blaqk Audio, where their girlfriends are sitting quietly in the background. The girls smile sweetly and don't make a sound. I would have to sit on my hands and duct tape my mouth to be that quiet when there's a microphone about.
I can't help it, I'm an opinionated loudmouth. As you might have noticed...

5. A boyfriend who travels the world for a living sucks.
Because if the car breaks down while he is in Singapore or South Africa then it's up to you to get it working again. The same goes for waterpipes that burst open and freezers that stop working. And if you get sick there is no one at home to take care of you.
Being independent does not mean being in charge of the house while mr rockstar is out having fun.

4. Many bands have been together since their teens, and consider the band their family.
If you thought winning over your future mother-in-law was hard, try carving a place for yourself in a really tight-knit group of friends. Especially when your man shares years of memories and in-jokes with his bandmates and spends more quality time with them than with you.

3. I have never been comfortable sitting at the "girlfriend table" looking pretty while the boys do their thing. I am an awesome writer/photographer/organizer and I like to be part of the action. Loudmoths make terrible wallflowers.

2. If mr rockstar decides to cheat on me there are hundreds of willing candidates. Some will even sell their story to the tabloids. Whatever happened to "don't kiss and tell"?

1. I wanna be acknowledged for my work. The thought of being reduced to "punk in writing; girlfriend of rockstar" makes me cringe. It should be "punk in writing, awesome writer/photographer who happens to date a rock star".

Monday, January 28

My friend Kristoffer, who is an amazing lowbrow artist, is featured in the current issue of Nordic Tattoo Mag.
I am lucky to have one of his paintings hanging on a wall in my living room.

The newspaper that I work for has had several features on the upcoming US election. We've done the "oh-is-it-gonna-be-Clinton-or-Obama" story, ignored the republican candidates because they're not all that charismatic and surely the American people wouldn't be stupid enough to vote republican again. (And when they do we're all gonna look genuinely surprised, like Miss Universe when she is handed her tiara.)

But one voice has been missing from American politics. Last time around I enjoyed all the mayhem that PunkVoter caused. Ok, when I say mayhem I mean more of a rumble in the music press. But still, Fat Mike took a stand and made a lot of people think. And for a moment punk became political again.

As Joe Garofoli put it in his piece in the San Francisco Chronicle; "Fat" Mike Burkett never was a typical political organizer. Not many Beltway types refer to themselves as "a drunk." Or rain as many f-bombs into casual conversation. Or say they never voted until 2000. Or, perhaps most galling of all, try to politically organize a constituency that not only mistrusts politicians but also mistrusts organizing.

Joe Garofoli's article on Fat Mike and the future of PunkVoter can be found here.

Both Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama are interesting candidates with good things to say. But they are just so f-cking politically correct. I miss a bit of mayhem and f-words in the current debate.

Sunday, January 27

Here are some of the first images from my new Nikon camera.
The car is a Ford A Coupe from 1928.

The young mechanic is called Victor.

Andy. Proud owner of the Ford.

Saturday, January 26

Last night me and my little sister got crafty and made some old t-shirts into halternecks. But first we stuffed ourselves with tapas.

My sister revamped her MCR shirt and I did on old Buzzcocks one.
When I bought that shirt at the Buzzcocks show in Belfast in 2003 a guy with a Manchester accent tried to hit on me. It wasn't until the band went on stage that I realised that the guy was Buzzcocks bass player. I think I still have the ticket stub somewhere. It was a great show, but me and Cormac stayed on the balcony so we wouldn't get crushed by the 40-year old punks who were re-living their prime in front of the stage. Good times.

I had planned to make some other old t-shirts into pillows, but our old sewing machine from the 1970s has finally given up. Not only does it munch up the thread, but it makes all the stitches super-small and wonky. Darn! So the pillows will just have to wait.

But the bananas have been on their best behaviour this week. Good work bananas!

Wednesday, January 23

I stumbled upon this video when I did research for a short feature on 80s music. The song is "Jimmy Dean" by Swedish girl band Troll.
It was a huge hit in Sweden in 1989 and 1990. And by huge I mean it was playing everywhere; in the grocery store, on the radio and in the clubs.
One of my friends had this song on casette tape, and I remember being sooo envious. Well, I was 9 at the time.

Listen if you dare, but beware it's catchy as hell!

While I was looking into music from the 80s I got sidetracked by Erasure, and discovered that I still know all the words to "Love to Hate You".

Tuesday, January 22

A little treat from the archive... I got a new camera for christmas, but I thought I would let my trusty old Olympus go out with a bang and post some of the best pictures from the last few years. These were shot in Malmö and Sölvesborg, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Bratpacks (r.i.p.)

Groovie Ghoulies (r.i.p.)

The Headlines


All photos are (c) punk in writing. If you use 'em, give me credit or I'll send the boys with baseball bats after ya!

Sunday, January 20

Why do I always seem to end up with the burglar-proof bananas?
By the time I've managed to get the little bastards open half the banana is mush. We get boxes of fruit at work, and my co-workers always seem to get the user friendly bananas while I get the stubborn hell-no-I-ain't-gonna-open ones.

Maybe it's because they know I am a vegetarian. I eat way more fruit and vegetables than the other omnivores, so therefore I seem like a bigger threat to the bananas?

Thursday, January 17

Francis de Sales is the patron saint of writers and journalists. He was bishop of Genova and wrote books on spiritual formation.
he had been born in 1967 instead of 1567 he probably would have made a great lyricist of christian pop songs.

For a 16th century Roman Catholic bishop, he sure had a way with words.

"Nothing is so strong as gentleness.
Nothing is so gentle as real strength
." -Francis de Sales

Wednesday, January 16

I have the punkest coffee mug ever at work.
And there's hardly ever coffee in it.

Friday, January 11

As a kid I played football (that's soccer to anyone from the US) but I quit after a year or so. I've never understood mainstream sports like football or basketball.
Instead I spent my time at the local riding school and in various stables. Horses and all kinds of equestrian events are a passion that is as strong today as it was when I started taking lessons almost two decades ago.

There is something about working with horses that is almost spiritual, especially when horse and rider start to work together. If you've never been on horseback, it can be likened to ballroom dancing. Imagine you and your partner stepping on each others toes and being unable to find the rhythm together. You don't speak the same language and can't rely on words to communicate.
But all of a sudden you click and there it is. You find yourselves moving across the dancefloor as a couple rather than two individuals. That is close to what it feels like when horse and rider understand each other. This feeling is sometimes known as "flow".

The first time I saw this video of Parkour Generations moving through urban London like cats I thought about the human spirit. People who refuse to live inside the lines give me hope for the future.
I love how parkour practitioners, called traceurs, see new possibilities in the urban environment. They seem to embody George Bernard Shaw's words "You see things; and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?”

Thursday, January 10

Another talanted man who wears make up on occasion, Eddie Izzard. When I wrote my political science thesis at university I was really stressed out during the final weeks. All I did was type, read and sleep.
I did a lot more typing than sleeping and often woke up at three in the morning to scribble a few words on a notepad before going back to sleep. One of those scribbles turned out to be my conclusion, it's scary how my brain sometimes continues to work on problems after the rest of me has gone to sleep.

The one thing that helped me to unwind during these crazy weeks was Eddie Izzards dvd "Dressed to Kill".
If you ever hear me tell a really clever joke, I've probably stolen it from the one and only action transvestite.

Tuesday, January 8

I have a thing for men in make up. Done right, there is just something about eyeliner and nail polish that looks so good on a man, especially on punk rock boys with tattoos. But there is more to it than a bit of paint.

Just look at guys like Davey Havok, Jade Puget and Mike Ness. All are talented men who are not afraid to stand out in a crowd. How can a girl say no to talent, style and a painted face?

Davey Havok (above, right) and Jade Puget (left) are members of rock band AFI, one of the best bands I discovered last year (but should have started listening to years ago).
I have a real knack for discovering bands a month after they've been to my neck of the woods on tour. Maybe that should be my new years resolution, discover new music before the bands play in my area? But I'm getting sidetracked here.

Davey Havok is a great performer and was voted the worlds sexiest vegetarian by peta2 in 2007.

Jade Puget is AFIs softspoken guitarist and a posterboy for why men should wear eyeliner. He is AFIs main songwriter, a vegetarian and straight edge.

And last but not least, young Mike Ness shows us how it's done in a scene from the documentary "Another State of Mind".
The world would be a better place if it had more punk rock boys with eyeliner.

Thursday, January 3

Happy New 2008!

No one at my job seems to remember (or have seen) the 1980's cartoon Thundercats. What a shame! I know both me and my sister loved it.
I don't think it ever aired in Sweden, so we must have seen it on good old VHS-tapes sent over from England. Their theme song rocked too.

Rediscovering Thundercats made me think of the 80's cartoons that I loved to watch. This is what I found after a quick search on youtube:

She-Ra - He-Mans twin sister who rode a winged horse and kicked ass. And her sword was as big as He-Mans.

Jem and the Holograms - Singer Jem changes into her alter ego Jerrica with the help of holographic computer Synergy.
My favourite character was keyboard player Kimber with the red hair. Did I mention that I had bright red hair in high school?