Friday, January 11

As a kid I played football (that's soccer to anyone from the US) but I quit after a year or so. I've never understood mainstream sports like football or basketball.
Instead I spent my time at the local riding school and in various stables. Horses and all kinds of equestrian events are a passion that is as strong today as it was when I started taking lessons almost two decades ago.

There is something about working with horses that is almost spiritual, especially when horse and rider start to work together. If you've never been on horseback, it can be likened to ballroom dancing. Imagine you and your partner stepping on each others toes and being unable to find the rhythm together. You don't speak the same language and can't rely on words to communicate.
But all of a sudden you click and there it is. You find yourselves moving across the dancefloor as a couple rather than two individuals. That is close to what it feels like when horse and rider understand each other. This feeling is sometimes known as "flow".

The first time I saw this video of Parkour Generations moving through urban London like cats I thought about the human spirit. People who refuse to live inside the lines give me hope for the future.
I love how parkour practitioners, called traceurs, see new possibilities in the urban environment. They seem to embody George Bernard Shaw's words "You see things; and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?”

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