Thursday, January 3

Happy New 2008!

No one at my job seems to remember (or have seen) the 1980's cartoon Thundercats. What a shame! I know both me and my sister loved it.
I don't think it ever aired in Sweden, so we must have seen it on good old VHS-tapes sent over from England. Their theme song rocked too.

Rediscovering Thundercats made me think of the 80's cartoons that I loved to watch. This is what I found after a quick search on youtube:

She-Ra - He-Mans twin sister who rode a winged horse and kicked ass. And her sword was as big as He-Mans.

Jem and the Holograms - Singer Jem changes into her alter ego Jerrica with the help of holographic computer Synergy.
My favourite character was keyboard player Kimber with the red hair. Did I mention that I had bright red hair in high school?

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