Saturday, January 26

Last night me and my little sister got crafty and made some old t-shirts into halternecks. But first we stuffed ourselves with tapas.

My sister revamped her MCR shirt and I did on old Buzzcocks one.
When I bought that shirt at the Buzzcocks show in Belfast in 2003 a guy with a Manchester accent tried to hit on me. It wasn't until the band went on stage that I realised that the guy was Buzzcocks bass player. I think I still have the ticket stub somewhere. It was a great show, but me and Cormac stayed on the balcony so we wouldn't get crushed by the 40-year old punks who were re-living their prime in front of the stage. Good times.

I had planned to make some other old t-shirts into pillows, but our old sewing machine from the 1970s has finally given up. Not only does it munch up the thread, but it makes all the stitches super-small and wonky. Darn! So the pillows will just have to wait.

But the bananas have been on their best behaviour this week. Good work bananas!

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