Monday, January 28

My friend Kristoffer, who is an amazing lowbrow artist, is featured in the current issue of Nordic Tattoo Mag.
I am lucky to have one of his paintings hanging on a wall in my living room.

The newspaper that I work for has had several features on the upcoming US election. We've done the "oh-is-it-gonna-be-Clinton-or-Obama" story, ignored the republican candidates because they're not all that charismatic and surely the American people wouldn't be stupid enough to vote republican again. (And when they do we're all gonna look genuinely surprised, like Miss Universe when she is handed her tiara.)

But one voice has been missing from American politics. Last time around I enjoyed all the mayhem that PunkVoter caused. Ok, when I say mayhem I mean more of a rumble in the music press. But still, Fat Mike took a stand and made a lot of people think. And for a moment punk became political again.

As Joe Garofoli put it in his piece in the San Francisco Chronicle; "Fat" Mike Burkett never was a typical political organizer. Not many Beltway types refer to themselves as "a drunk." Or rain as many f-bombs into casual conversation. Or say they never voted until 2000. Or, perhaps most galling of all, try to politically organize a constituency that not only mistrusts politicians but also mistrusts organizing.

Joe Garofoli's article on Fat Mike and the future of PunkVoter can be found here.

Both Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama are interesting candidates with good things to say. But they are just so f-cking politically correct. I miss a bit of mayhem and f-words in the current debate.

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