Monday, February 18

I love MTV's cheesy reality shows like "Meet the Barkers" and "Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave".
"Newlyweds" made me cringe. The world does not need more blondes, male or female, who think that acting stupid makes them look cute.

The MTV shows are equal parts fun and freak show but comparing them to "Bif Naked Bride" is like comparing your aunts tattoo of tweety bird to a full custom backpiece.
Bif Naked's show kicks ass.
The Canadian punk rock singer documented the four weeks before her wedding to extreme sports writer Ian Craig Walker.
The result is eight webisodes that are fun and honest. The couple shot most of the footage themselves and the editing is great. I guess Canadians just do it better, eh?

Last month Bif Naked announced that she has breast cancer. I really hope that she makes a full recovery.

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