Wednesday, February 27

If you have a problem with bitching you shouldn't read any further. Because this post is all about the bitching, baby!

Have you ever felt the need to tell your boss to just fuck off? But you know you can't because you need that job or you need your employer on your list of references?
This must be the ultimate Catch 22. If you say anything bad about your previous employer when you're looking for a new job, you come across as a bad employee.
So even if your boss is a wanker you have to end things in a good way, or else you won't get a good reference or your bonus. And your boss/colleagues or whoever is making you miserable never get the telling off they deserve.

Life would be so much easier if I could tell people to fuck off when they deserve it. The again, life ain't fair and never was.

And working in the media business isn't glamorous. We work all kinds of crazy hours and have no job security. If you work as a temp long enough the company might be forced to hire you, so no matter how good you are you get the boot after a couple of months.
Working in insurance, engineering or teaching ain't that great either. All kinds of employers seem to treat their staff really bad these days.

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