Friday, February 8

Just because it's Friday, everything seems so much better than yesterday. My train was on time (well, kinda) and I got a decent seat so I could read.

I introduced one of my colleagues to the Bouncing Souls and he really dug "True Believers". He said it reminded him of the first wave of punk bands. The lucky bastard photographed the Sex Pistols and hung out with Johnny Rotten back in 1977, so he knows what he's talking about.
I promised to bring all my Bouncing Souls cds to work on Monday so he could check them out. Good taste should be rewarded.

My friend Rob who is the overworked and underpaid head honcho at HepTown Records just called and it sounded like he was standing in an airport, surrounded by preschoolers.
Turns out he's on his way to Stockholm and the Manifest Awards, surrounded by The Mockingbirds who are nominated in the punk/hardcore category. Hope they win, now that they've travelled all the way up to Stockholm.

Since it's Friday afternoon and you're not really working anyway, check out this clip from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

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