Monday, February 11

My body refused to get out of bed on time, I couldn't find my gloves as I was leaving for work and I didn't finish all the things I hoped to get done this weekend. It's Monday, and it's back with a vengeance.

Last Saturday I spent a few hours jumping around on a vacant industrial lot. For once I did the goofing around, aka modelling, so my friend Nils was behind the camera.
Or cameras I should say, because we used both my Nikon and Nils' Canon. I guess we looked a bit suspicious as we casually sneaked through the fence with two camera bags and a ladder.

I like the photo Jade of Shy Boys Win has on his blog, so I told Nils I wanted to do something similar, thus the ladder.

The industrial lot is full of debris, mainly from the homeless people who used to live there, so walking on stilts was out of the question.
But there is a lot of nice graffiti, an old skateboard ramp (complete with rainwater, a chair leg and an orange womens shoe) and a crumbling wall for me to climb, so Nils did a fine job when scouting for a location.
There is also a lot of old cables, tires and garbage. I stepped on what I thought was a cardboard box, but then it went "squish" under my foot. It was decomposing garbage. Yuck.

Unfortunately Nils' computer is feeling a bit under the weather so I won't see the pictures we took with his camera for another week or so. Bummer.

"Eye of the Tiger", anyone? I'm doing my best Rocky Balboa impression here, punching air and jumping up and down.

So how was your weekend?

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