Thursday, February 7

What an annoyingly awkward morning. I was on time but the train was more than half an hour late. Not only was I frozen solid by the time the train showed up, I was also late for work. Oh, the joys of commuting on public transport.

And on top of it all, I couldn't read while I waited because it was raining. Grrr.
But on the plus side, I am reading "Hairstyles Of The Damned" by Joe Meno and it's really good.

Today I had to come up with an internet-related piece on love for Valentine's Day. I write a lot of these for the entertainment section of the newspaper; a few hundred words and some links, on everything from 80s music to horror themed musicals.
I threw in scenes from "Some Like It Hot", a reference to Geoffrey Chaucer and music by Love and Rockets, Liz Phair and Bullet For My Valentine.
How's that for diversity?

I really wanted to include "Fuck and Run" but I chickened out and went with "Why Can't I".

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