Friday, March 14

Tiger Army will play at KB in Malmö in 28 days! Less than a month! Wheee!

Yep, I've had a ticker that counts down to the gig on my profile at Punk Rock Domestics for months and I just noticed that it's now less than a month until the show.
However, I've heard that Tiger Army can be either brilliant or suckalicious live, depending on what mood singer Nick 13 is in, so maybe I should't get too excited. But they've got some really great songs on the new album so I'm gonna hope for the best.

On a different note; why are all American musicians so damn short? Are they smurfs in disguise or just poorly fed during their childhood?
Many a crush of mine has come to a grinding halt when I've seen the object of my desire in real life and realised that he is tiny. Nick 13 looks kinda short in pictures, so I'm guessing he's a midget by my standards.

Unfortunately my friends who introduced my to Tiger Army no longer seem interested in the band. But maybe they'll dust off their Tiger Army albums and decide to show up anyway.
Many of them were really into rockabilly and psychobilly a while back, but now they seem to be all about 80's hardcore. I don't know what happened there.

Also, my friends The Headlines are playing at Bodoni in Malmö tonight.
Drop by if you're in the neighbourhood. You won't be sorry.

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