Thursday, March 20

I got a big box of sugary goodness from the US of A yesterday. I did a candy swap with Billie from Flushing, NY. We agreed to spend 20 us dollars each, she bought American candy for me and I bought her some Swedish candy such as Dumle, Ahlgrens bilar and Djungelvrål.
Just look at all this. Watermelon candy, Reeses and Poptarts. I'm gonna be on a sugar high for days...

A forum like Punk Rock Domestics has so many uses. ;)

Another kind of sugary goodness is New Found Glory's brand new greatest hits compilation, appropriately named Hits.
Why, oh why do they only ever play gigs in the UK? Are they scared of Scandinavia?
NFGs show with Paramore in Copenhagen got cancelled and has yet to be rescheduled. I don't really care about Paramore, I just want to hear "My Friends Over You" and "Constant Static" live.


Kix said...

This is youth, in its true essence! Malin and Billie from Flushing might as well be 12 years old and sneaking away to the kiosk by the elementary school.

Hurray for the transnational postal system!


Anonymous said...

Your friend from the US made a good deal. Swedish candy & chocolate is delish :) I'm living in The Netherlands at the moment and I'm missing terribly my home country's(Finland) hard and sour candy and of course salmiak. Some candy is quite yummy here but the diversity of sweets supply in supermarkets in general is not that impressive. I noticed the same thing when I was living in the UK a few years back. I'm glad we Scandinavians are pros at this sector :)

Mr. Mantia said...

Fun dip is my favorite out of that assortment.