Wednesday, March 5

We're having some strange weather today. This morning it was snowing. The first picture was taken at nine in the morning.

An hour and a half later I stepped back on the balcony with the camera. Most of the snow was gone by then.

And by one in the afternoon there was virtually no snow left...

I've been a really lazy blogger this week. I spent Sunday covering an equestrian event for Ridsport, and almost froze to death. Riding houses are anything but warm this time of year and I had to spend seven hours there because the event dragged on forever.

I took a lot of pictures of show jumping ponies and almost got my ear talked of by the father of one of the riders. We call parents like these "pony parents" (ponnyföräldrar) and they promote their kids to the max. In the process they annoy editors, writers and photographers at equestrian magazines by wailing like a banshee if their kid doesn't look like a star.
The young riders are for the most part very sweet and easy to talk to, if they can get a word in.

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