Friday, April 18

Almost a week since my last post? I must apologize.

Today has been interesting. Prince Carl Philip is in our neck of the woods to race his Porsche in Carrera Cup. One of my coworkers starts to foam at the mouth at as soon as someone says "Royal" so naturally I've been teasing him all day. And guess who got out and cover the story just because he writes sport?

My coworker doesn't know it yet, but I changed the starting page in his browser from his favourite football site to the Swedish Royalist Society while he was away.
And there is a rather dashing photo of the prince in uniform inside his bag. I just wish he would open it soon, because the suspense is killing me.

So what have I been up to this week, besides playing pranks on my non-royalist coworker?
Let's see. I've been listening to episodes of Issue Oriented and Stephen Fry's podgram on my new mp3-player. I hung out at Hep Town Records on my day off and saw The Tempest at Hipp in Malmö.


Stevyn Colgan said...

And we got all excited when our Princes ran a marathon ... we need more interesting royals!

Mind you, one did dress up as Hitler a while ago.

radical royalist said...

Sorry the link to the Swedish Royalist Society didn't work.

By the way: No prince dressed up as Hitler. You refer to Prince Harry attending a fancy dress party and he wore a khaki outfit with a swastika armband.

punk in writing said...

The link should work now.