Tuesday, April 8

Life at the newsdesk has made me so blasé. And this keyboard with a broken spacebar doesn't help. I have to hit it like crazy or all my sentences end up lookinglikethis.

Our top story today is a 10 year old girl who has been missing since Saturday. She disappeared 500 meters from her home. Her mother found the girl's bike in the woods. Nobody knows what has happened to her.
Police have brought a man in for questioning, but they don't seem to have much hard evidence.

The sad thing is the girl is probably dead by now. The odd thing is that her father, who lives in Spain, seems to have gone missing too.
I sit right next to the papers crime writers and every now and then they drop by and tell me new details, mainly stuff that we can't publish.

A dark sense of humor definitely helps you cope on days like this. I'm just glad I'm not as far gone as Dennis Leary. The newspaper business is so wacky that it's more like stocking the shelves at Black Books.

So it feels reassuring to know that God will be one of the main characters in a new comedy series produced by SVT.

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