Sunday, April 20

This proves that Glen Danzig isn't all about doom and gloom. Colombian goth pop, anyone?


enio8 said...

Dear friend, at first I want to tell you your "Home" girl is very pretty: isn't she the same you? As second, I'm interested with the following bit: as I've understood you are living in the punk world ( maybe I've not correctly understood your feed, but...), can you enough well explain to me the whole meaning, such you can write to me, of punk (ideas) movement?
Sure, since this moment I'm sincerely thanking you for what you can do, about it!
Best greetings!
Campionario by Ennio
Padua (Italy), 22.4.2008

P.S. I'm a concrete fan of Siouxie (punk girl)! With gratitude for what you'll do, Enio8

enio8 said...
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