Friday, May 2

Are all rock biographies co-written by Neil Strauss?

I got this feeling of déjà-vu as I was reading Marilyn Manson's autobiography The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell.

The dark and humorous style of the first few chapters morphed into something I had read before. I flicked through the first few pages again, and then I noticed it. The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell is co-written by Neil Strauss, who also worked on Jenna Jameson's How To Make Love Like A Pornstar.

As I glanced over at my bookshelf I noticed my recently purchased copy of Mötley Crüe's The Dirt; co-written by none other than... you guessed it. Neil Strauss.
By now I was feeling more than a little paraniod, so I rushed into my office to check all the other rock autobiographies I have. But while Neil Strauss has co-written a few biographies he hasn't done them all.

I think for a moment there I got him confused with Keith and Kent Zimmerman, who worked on autobiographies for Johnny Rotten, Alice Cooper, Sonny Barger and the guys at Orange County Choppers.

Oh, and about Brian Warner aka Marilyn Manson; he did drugs. And had sex. Sometimes he even combined those two activities. Yawn.

The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell is good, but it is clear that it was written to shape the image of Marylin Manson rather than tell the story of Brian Warner. And that is a shame, because Brian Warner is cleary intelligent and perceptive, with a talent for succeeding in the music industry.

I hope he writes the autobiography of Brian Warner in 20 years time. Now that would be an interesting read. Just leave Neil Strauss out of it.

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