Sunday, May 11

Bouncing of the Walls

I'm jumping up and down and sweating so hard I almost drop my precious camera. I must look like a dork with my huge grin and waving arms, because across the stage I can see monitor tech Tig pointing and laughing at me.

So how did a punk rock girl like me end up backstage at a Flogging Molly show?

Two guys kicked their ball into my bicycle. They told me they were from Hawaii and two thirds of supporting band Pepper. I watched them fool around with a ball for a bit, and suddenly George, who plays drums in Flogging Molly, asked me if he could go for a ride on my bicycle.

George, bass player Nathen, guitarist Dennis, accordion player Matthew, monitor tech Tig and two other members of the crew were heading into town to get some food, and I offered to show them the way. I love meeting new people and I had nothing better to do.

I told them a little bit of the history of Lund on the way to the restaurant and showed the guys a really good place to eat called Mediterranean. I joined them for dinner and found myself offering to give a walking tour of the city.

Said and done. We walked past the cathedral, through Lundagård where I showed them the fountain and the University buildnings. It was only a quick tour, but they seemed to enjoy it. And by the time we got back to Mejeriet at least three members of Flogging Molly had taken my bicycle for a spin. Not quite how I expected to spend my Saturday afternoon.

I picked up my camera bag and headed back to Mejeriet to get my photo pass. When I got there I noticed that my battery was acting up, but Tig (sweetheart and lifesaver) suggested I go home and get the charger.
– We got power here, just get it and plug it in.

So with my battery charged I headed down to the pit to take some pictures. I was nervous because it was my first time in the front ditch, competing with photographers with much bigger cameras. It was also the first time I really put the Nikon to the test.

Then the band came on stage and everything happened so fast. I was on a high, snapping pictures and jumping up and down to the music.

It was hotter backstage than out front, and when Dennis came back to get some air before the encore, sweat was literally dripping from his hat. He asked if he could see some pictures and that made me nervous. What if my pictures weren't any good?

The crowd was yelling for more and singer Dave went back on stage. It was beautiful, just him, his guitar and the crowd. I got down on my knees and snapped a really good picture.

Dave and the crowd.

I caught up with Dennis (possibly the nicest man in punk rock) after the show and he liked what he saw of my pictures. Phew!

I also had the pleasure of hanging out with the guys in Pepper, meeting Dave and telling him how much I like his songs and harass Nathen for a fangirl picture.
Someone even told me I was rad. What a show, and what a Saturday. I don't think I'll ever see the likes of that again, but I really hope I do.

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