Thursday, May 8

Buffy the Tarot Deck

Dark Horse Comics are not only publishing the 8th season of Buffy, they're also working on a tarot deck based on the show that will be released in August.

A few preview images have been released, featuring Buffy as The Magician and Willow as The High Priestess.

I'm not really a fan of theme tarot decks, but I'm looking forward to see how well the creators manage to merge the classic tarot deck with one of my favourite shows.

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Dave Schneider said...

I have this thought that entertainment corporations could make more money with the gaming side of tarot than they would always stressing the fortune telling aspects. Buffy is good for that type of tarot, but in France where tarot is recognized as a game there are all kinds of pop culture tarots. There's even been a Disney tarot published for game playing in France. If American companies knew what the French know about tarot cards, that they could be used for card games, tarot could be like all the different versions of the Monopoly boardgame on the market. We could buy tarot decks based on Star Wars, Elvis, Betty Boop, Looney Tunes, the Simpsons, Scooby Doo and much more!