Sunday, May 25

Comedy saved my sanity

When the real world drives my crazy with deadlines, demands and boredom I use humor to keep my sanity. I let off steam by laughing, or by making people around me laugh.

At home I watch dvds of Eddie Izzard, Black Books or MST3K and at work I rely on Youtube.
This is a clip from classic Swedish tv-show "Macken" that aired between 1985 and 1986.

I love how satire and comedy allows the comedian to speak his or her mind. But I really admire comedians who are not afraid to be vulnerable, ugly and wear their heart on their sleeve.

Being witty is a whole lot harder than it looks. Whenever I crack a joke there is always that nervous moment before I know if people will laugh at what I am saying or not. And let's not even mention the minutes that drag on into hours of uncertainty when I've asked someone to read something I've written that I hope is funny.
Unlike facts and figures, humor is a very personal thing.

Eddie Izzard made a good point when he said that comedy is about observation and speed of mind. I would add that it is also one of the most difficult genres to write in.

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