Wednesday, May 7

Dave King said hello

The Irish singer in the middle says hello.

My co-worker Torgny asked me to drop by his desk today. So I walked up to the entertainment department on the second floor where he handed me a pair of headphones and said: listen to this.

Torgny and I have talked music on the bus to and from work several times, so I expected to hear some music that he wanted my opinion on. Instead it was the tail-end of Torgny's interview with Dave King of Flogging Molly.

It went something like this;
T: And one last thing, we have a girl working here who really loves Flogging Molly and is going to the show. Can you say hi to her?
D: Hello how are ya?

He said more, but I was so baffled that I must have forgotten the rest. That really made my day, and I think the interview is gonna be in the paper tomorrow, including the last bit where Dave says hello to me.

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