Thursday, May 15

Foo Fighters rider makes a hilarious read

Dave Grohl and co prefer their Gatorade in wacky colors.

The Smoking Gun has revealed the Foo Fighters rider. It's funnier than most riders and has cheered me up immensely during my second half of the hell shift af work. (That's working night, driving home to get 5 hours of sleep and going back to work and do a full day shift.)

I am always amazed by how big the touring crews are and the amount of beverages that are consumed during the 14 or so hours that are spent at the venue. Is it even possible to drink all this stuff?

And 78 people on the crew? There's only four guys in the band, and even with their manager, tour manager, stage manager, sound guy and monitor/guitar/bass/drum techs that still isn't close to 78 people. Exactly how much stuff are the Foos hauling around?

The rider was written by Foo Fighters tour manager Gus Brandt, who told the Smoking Gun that he wanted to make it "interesting to the woman in Oklahoma City who has to go out and get the hummus. Caterers say they love the rider, that let's me know they are reading it."
You can read more about the rider here.

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