Tuesday, May 6

No thanks, I don't need a plastic bag

Today I have told at least five salespeople in various stores that I don't need a small plastic bag to carry my recently purchased mascara/sunglasses/copy of Darkly Dreaming Dexter.

Tiny plastic bags annoy me for a number of reasons. Once you get them home they are of very little use and just pile up under the sink. They're too small to be used as garbage bags and plastic is hard to recycle.
Waste of resources and a waste of space under my sink. Just say no.

By the way, I have now seen both season one and two of Dexter. And I almost threw a fit when I realized that season three hasn't aired yet.
My sister and I have spent hours discussing the show today. We compared and contrasted the show with Buffy and Hellboy, discussed Christian themes, evil, growing up and other traumatic events.


Mr. Mantia said...

yeah I always wondered why they put stuff into a bag that you clearly carried to the register with ease.

punk in writing said...

Maybe the think that the reciept will bring us to our knees?