Sunday, May 4

One Woman Empire

Dolly Parton was on tv last night, I just read a book on Mae West and now Kat Von D is launching a line of cosmetics. Talk about One Woman Empires.

I admire women like Mae and Dolly who started with nothing and built their own empires. I have encountered a lot of sexism in the present day entertainment industry, and I can only imagine what it must have been like in past decades.

In the 1930s Mae West was the highest paid actress in Hollywood. She was outspoken, supported the gay community, people of color and wrote fabulous dialouge.

Girl: – Goodness, what beautiful diamonds!
Mae: – Goodness had nothing to do with it, dearie.

Say what you want about Dolly, but she is one hell of a business woman and songwriter. And returning to her roots in Tennessee's Smokey Mountains to build her theme park, thus providing jobs for local people? Respect.

Kat Von D has a long way to go before becoming an icon, but she might be on her way to establishing her own little empire; tattoo shop, tv-series, an upcoming book and a line of cosmetics. Kat might even be moving in to Martha Stewart territory...

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