Monday, May 12

Oops, I forgot about Pepper

Good Lord, this is turning into the "fangirl obsessed with flogging molly-blog". I'll stop it. Soon.
Let me just say that there is an even better slideshow on my myspace page.

But I've forgotten to say something about Pepper. After all, they started the whole thing by hitting my bicycle with their ball.
I didn't manage to take any pictures of Pepper besides this one, because my Nikon was charging up in Flogging Molly's dressing room. (Thanks again Tig, hope you're feeling better.)

But they definitely got the crowd going at Mejeriet. Good grooves, good band, great guys. Check 'em out!

Another thing that has proven itself worthy of an honorable mention is MACs fluidliner in Blacktrack. Stayed in place all night and survived sun, sweat, camera and me jumping around like House of Pain.

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