Wednesday, May 14

Return to Fraggle Rock

The Fraggles are back! Those colorful, dancing, singing and hand clapping Jim Henson-puppets will be made into a feature film, according to Variety.

Now where did I put my Gobo doll?

Those of us who grew up in Sweden will remember this version. Ah, that was back in the day when there was only two channels on tv.

Here are some more gems from my childhood;

Gummi Bears

The Trap Door


Stevyn Colgan said...

The Trap Door! Fantastic! Di they keep the original voice-over when you saw it? In the UK, all of the voices were done by William Rushton, a personal hero of mine.

And did they reallythink that kids wouldn't notice that 'Drut' was a mirror anagram of ...

Oh globbits!

punk in writing said...

I remember seeing it with the original voice-over.
Then again, a friend of the family who lived in the UK used to send us kids VHS-tapes of cartoons that aired on BBC, so maybe that is where I remember it from.