Sunday, May 18

Would you buy music from these people?

Me and Jimmy sold quite a few records at C.A.P.S. release party. Maybe it was our hats? I sold some vinyl and some shirts too.
But Rob put us all to shame when he grabbed a stack of cd's and headed outside to work the crowds. Way to go Rob!

Mats was hard at work at the bar, talking to members of Cherry Overdrive and doing general record label stuff.

I brought the Nikon and tried out a few new settings. Still, the stage was way too dark for my little camera lens so I had to get creative.
Pictures will be posted once I have had time to upload them and give them some photoshop TLC.

As for the music, I preferred Ghostball to C.A.P.S., as predicted. Ghostball's sound is just more my thing. It'll be interesting to see how they sound after a few more gigs.

But where had they dug up that DJ? Fuckin' awful. I spotted the guy whom I handed a label sampler when he was DJing at Stengade 30 at J.Tex release party and I kept hoping that he would jump behind the decks and sort out the music. Unfortunately he was happy drinking with his friends. Oh well.

Jimmy also learned why it's a bad idea to open boxes of brand new promo cd's. (The box collapses and all the cd's fall out of the box.)

On the way home we estimated that 80 percent of the people at the gig were tattooed and raced a taxi through the streets of Copenhagen. Then Jimmy and I fell asleep in the backseat.

All in all, another great night out with the HepTown Crew!

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