Monday, June 16

Hello Dolly

Dolly looked a lot bigger on stage than she does in this picture.

Sitting down at a show feels really strange. But seeing Dolly Parton on the stage was almost surreal. I guess that's the way it is when you're so familiar with someone's image but have never seen them in person.

I got offered a free ticket at the last minute and I'm glad I went. Dolly did an amazing a cappella version of "Little Sparrow".
She may be 62, but she knows what she's doing and her voice is fabulous.


Sandrina said...

I sooo wanted to go to that particular concert but no, had to spend my weekend moving instead. Was the sound really as bad as Sydis is saying? And what did she talk about between the songs?

punk in writing said...

It was bad everywhere except the front sections I think. There was quite an echo going on...

Dolly talked about the songs, being a country girl and did some of the regular jokes about dumb blondes and her chest.

micke said...

Jag satt långt fram och där var det inga problem med ljudet under låtarna. Hyfsad konsert annars. Håller med om att Little sparrow var otrolig.