Sunday, June 29

I had great taste back in 2004

I put an old cd in the stereo as I was driving home today. I had no idea what was on it, because all I had bothered to write on it was "mix cd 2004". Two songs in I thought, hey this isn't half bad. About five songs in I began to wonder when I had put together this awesome mix. The cd contains Hank Williams 3, The Weakerthans, Joan Jett, Die Hunns and my friends' old band Käftsmäll, to name a few.

All of a sudden that period of my life came back to me. I made this cd when I was a journalism student in Gothenburg, living alone in a new city. Through the music I remembered online conversations with friends back home, discovering new clubs and meeting new friends.
The neighbourhood I lived in had two strip clubs, a music store and tattoo shop, and I took the tram to school and the train to visit friends back home.

Three songs in a certain order can bring you back in time. I guess that's the power of music.

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Mr. Mantia said...

I love having those little moments with your own brain. When memories flood you with emotions & nostalgia.
Music is almost a drug.