Monday, June 30

Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up

The HepCat Store needed some new photos of various items of clothing, so this Thursday I headed down to Saint 21 with the Nikon.
Johan and Jimmy were my models, so I had the pleasure of bossing around two good looking men for a couple of hours.

Both of them have modelled before, but they are very different in front of the camera. Johan has mastered the "Dexter" look but can be convinced to do a jump or two. Jimmy is a big bundle of smiles, energy and creativity.

Kix and Alfred stopped by the garage to hang out and discuss some ideas, and Kix captured some of the modelling shenanigans with her cell phone camera.

Jimmy modelling a so-cal t-shirt on the hood of his '56 Buick Special. Photo by Kix.

And this is how my photo turned out. We were loosing light so I had to use the flash.

We lost the light pretty quickly but still managed to get some good shots. We would have gotten started sooner if one of the models hadn't taken his sweet time getting a shower. Yes Jimmy, I'm talking to you.

Another photo by Kix. I'm kept slipping down from the Buick, so Johan had to support me while I took a photo of Jimmy on the hood of the car. I could write a whole post on the crazy things photographers do for a good photo.

T-shirt by Jimmy Shine and hat by Brixton. Both sold at

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