Thursday, July 3

Do jellyfish dream of electric plankton?

Can jellyfish dream even if they don't have brains?

I missed my train home from Helltown yesterday, so I went outside and grabbed a place in the sun while I waited for the next train.
As I looked down at the water in Helltown harbour I saw that it was full of jellyfish of all sizes.

It's really hard to tell if jellyfish are swimming or just floating around, but they were a very pleasant thing to look at after a long day spent in front of a computer.

I remember playing with jellyfish when I was a kid. I grew up by the sea and spent many summer days in the water, looking at baby fish, jellyfish and tångräkor, I think they are called common prawn in English.
But while one or two jellyfish were a pretty distraction when you were swimming in the sea (the kind that were common where I grew up doesn't sting) the number of jellyfish floating around in Helltown harbour made them almost unpleasant.
Kind of like being surrounded by squirrels. One or two are cute, but if you find yourself surronded by thirty of them it's a different story.

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