Wednesday, July 30

The Gang's All Here

Kix has a new tattoo by Adam Dorsett.

Me and Rob picked up Skratch, Adam Dorsett and Zoe Scarlett at the airport yesterday. Zoe's flight was delayed and two of Skratch's bags got stuck at Heathrow airport, so Rob and I wound up spending way too many hours at Kastrup.

But we got them all to Lund and this morning Kix was Adam's first customer down at the garage.

Skratch finally got his bags after lunch and started by working on Jimmy's 1956 Buick.

Now I have to go and pack my bags and get ready for A-bombers Old Style Weekend. So far I've only packed my sleeping bag...
See you in Backamo!


Kix said...

Gah! Maliiiiin, you choose the "crazy eyes"-pic! Tihihi. Have fun at eeeyyy-bombers! Tell Adam I am super-super-superhappy with the tattoo!

punk in writing said...

Adam loves that pic. He wants to use it as an ad, with the words "you too can be this happy, just get a tattoo by adam dorsett"!