Saturday, July 5

Press Release 101

As a journalist I am often asked to "write a little someting about this event that we've got going on". For several reasons, I rarely write things like this on demand.
My job is to find interesting things to write about that are right for the paper I work for. Advertising is on the second floor!

But I do help out with press kits, because over the years I have seen some dreadful ones. Five pages of rambling nonsense but no contact information? Adios!

Keep it short and to the point.
Newsrooms are flooded with material every day. If your press release doesn't get the editors attention in less than five seconds it will be thrown out.
A good press release is no longer than a postcard. If I want more information I will ask you for it. Asking questions is part of my job.

Unlike most businesses, a newspaper is shaped by what is happening right now. We plan ahead but are always prepared to redo everything and cover a breaking story. That means we might not have room for your event one week, but we may have an opening next week. So get in touch ahead of time, but don't be afraid to send an updated press release the day before the event.

Make sure to include your contact information.

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