Thursday, July 17

Skratching the surface

The press releases and webflyers are written and the flyer is done. Now we just have about a hundred minor details such as printing the flyers, transport to A-bombers and housing to attend to before Skratch, Adam and Zoe Scarlett get here.

If you've never heard of any of these people you can read all about them and the event at Saint 21 here.
But the jist of it is that Momomental art association and Heptown are bringing lowbrow culture to Lund in the form of pinstriping, tattoos and a pin up model.

I feel slightly guilty today because I told Johan he had to get the flyer ready asap, and he did. I got an e-mail that he sent at two in the morning. The thing is, he has to get up at 5 am and get to work... Oh dear. I hope he doesn't electrocute himself because he's too tired to stay awake.

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