Friday, August 29

If you like hardcore then we think you rule

I haven't forgotten to write about my trip... I just haven't gotten around to work on the photos yet. My old laptop is having seizures so I am currenly without photoshop, which makes it that much harder to work.

In the meantime, enjoy these images from Vervain's gig at Bodoni in Malmö this wednesday.

If you see some familiar faces in this relatively new band it might be because singer Francke plays bass in The Mockingbirds, drummer Johannes used to play with Union Rags and The Headlines and Chriz used to sing in Union Rags and The Bratpacks.


Kamrat Knasboll said...

Hi punk in writing,
Can I borrow those vervain pictures for the bodoni website?

punk in writing said...

Certainly! Just make sure you credit Malin Sjöberg as the photographer. :)