Friday, September 19

Feelgood Friday

Ahh... another day in the fast-paced world of online journalism. Today we've had demonstrations, activists and drunken ships rescued by tugboats. Those of you who don't understand Swedish can get a rough idea of what happened by reading the article translated by Google Translate.

Turns out that we have the third largest weapons manufacturer in the world right here in Helltown. You learn something new every day.

Time for some feel-good Friday music. Here's Curve with "Chinese Burn". And yes, I know they're not everyones cup of tea.


Stevyn Colgan said...

So great to find someone else who likes Curve! Doppelganger is one of my favourite albums of the 1990s. I was really into that whole 'sonic landscapes' stuff that they were doing. Love Cocteau Twins too for the same reason. Good choice, Punky!

(And you've gotta love a band who bring out a CD called 'Pubic Fruit'!)

punk in writing said...

Curve seems to be one of those bands you either love or hate.

But I wouldn't have thought they were your kind of music! I guess the whole concept of industry music just clashes with my image of you as a tweed-wearing, tea drinking, Cornish book lover.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Ha! You'd probably be surprised by my musical tastes. They are wide-ranging and ecectic. Among my favourites are Echobelly, Bjork, Jim Moray, Dave Brubeck, XTC, Bill Bruford, Arctic Monkeys, Jethro Tull, Sex Pistols, Yes, Arcade Fire, Bloc Party, P J Harvey, Neil Sedaka, J S Bach, St Vincent, Stina Nordenstam, Super Furry Animals, The Smiths, The Pogues ... the list goes on and on. I just love music.

I don't own any tweed but I do own 1000s of books. And there is more Earl Grey in my veins than blood.