Friday, September 12

Gazing behind the scenes

Blomman and Jimmy having some fun.

I've taken a lot of photos at Saint 21 lately. We've gotten all the stuff from the fall collections and since HepCat Store is mainly a webshop that means we have to put everything up on the website before we can sell anything. That's when we need photos of all the t-shirts, jackets, shirts and jeans from every conceviable angle.

We couldn't shoot outside in the rain, so we built a makeshift studio in the store.

Since we mainly sell men's clothing I get to order a bunch of male models around. As a feminist (in this case I'm talking about radical feminist theory, not burning bras) I think it's funny how the traditional roles of onlooker and model are reversed. Three half naked men and a fully dressed woman with a camera is not what most people expect to find at a photo shoot.

Laura Mulvey introduced the concept of the male gaze in her essay “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”. Simply put, the woman is there to be looked at by a "male gaze". The gaze forces the onlooker or audience to see things from the perspective of a heterosexual man, often reducing women to objects "to be looked at". For more on the gaze click here.


We have a lot of fun, but it's also hard work. We don't have a studio so we work outside with natural light. Everyone works for a living so it's hard to find a time when both models and photographer and good lighting conditions are avaliable.
It helps to have models with an exhibitionist streak, although by now I have seen more of the guys in their underwear than I care to think about. They don't even go inside to get changed anymore, which has startled more than one person who just happened to walk by Saint 21.

But I'm not always behind the camera. I'm just more comfortable there, because I know what I'm doing. This lovely photo was taken by Eddie.

Adjusting a price tag.

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