Saturday, September 27

Gone Roadtrippin'

Just got back from a road trip to the book fair in Göteborg. Spotted some of Sweden's most popular authors, most of whom were smaller in real life than they appear to be when they're on tv.
I also looked a a lot of books and heard a bunch of speeches. I only bought eight or nine books and some magazines. It doesn't sound like much but a bag of books gets heavy pretty quick when you're dragging it around a convention centre that keeps filling up with the general public.

I kicked off this intense day by getting up at silly o'clock and making sandwiches (hummus with roasted red peppers and fresh cheese with cucumber) and putting on my eyeliner. Time just seemes to fly in the mornings and my sister, the librarian, and her boyfriend Fredrik were punctual as ever and rang the doorbell at five past seven.
For some reason I'm always the last person to get in the car on most road trips. On the three hour drive to Göteborg we listened to trucker music, old school Smashing Pumpkins, Swedish punk and Bruce Springsteen. Fredrik is a DJ and has a diverse taste in music.

The Roadtrippin' Sisters at 7.30 am.

Once we got to Göteborg we found a decent place to park after some traffic-related confusion and outran a group of teachers to get to the front of the line. I don't know why, but teachers always seem to travel in packs.

After a few hours of pushing, shoving and looking at books we decided we'd had enough, so we went and got some fine Turkish food at a local restaurant. Fredrik had some trouble finding his way out of Göteborg, but solved it by making two (almost legal) u-turns.
Our collective craving for sugar kicked in around Falkenberg, so we stopped for sweets and coffee.

Road Trip Essentials. Water, Tom and Jerry cookies, pick and mix sweets and trucker music.

Now I am looking forward to a nice cup of tea and some quiet time with my brand new books. I thinks I will start with Russell Brand's autobiography or maybe "I Walked the Line" by Vivian Cash. Or maybe...

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