Sunday, October 26

Manga! at Louisiana

Untitled © Yoshitaka Amano, 2006

Went to check out the exhibition Manga! at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark yesterday. Very cool. But then I've never seen a bad exhibition at Louisiana.

If you're in the area it's always worth a visit. The location is beautiful and I can't help spending money in the museum shop, even if my art budget is really slim.

Manga! seemed to appeal to a slightly younger audience than Louisiana's regular visitors and it was fun to see a lot of young faces and some hiphoppers checking out the exhibits alongside the slightly older and henna-colored affectionados of modern art.
I don't really know which visitor category I belong to, since consider myself somewhat young and hip but have visited Louisiana since childhood. I'm fairly certain I'm not henna-colored.


Anonymous said...

Snygga bloggar du har! Önskar man bodde lite längre söderut ibland ;)

punk in writing said...

Tack för komplimangen! :)