Friday, October 3

Saint 21, the blog

There's another blog in town! Me and the boys have just started a Saint 21 blog. We'll post news, sneak previews, happenings and a lot of photos from behind the scenes.

"Saint 21 is our home, rock n roll is our game. We're the heart of retro culture in Southern Sweden and run a store, a record label, give lindy hop classes, put on shows, clubs and art happenings.

Our house Saint 21, aka the garage, used to be the ambulance garage at Saint Lars insane asylum. To us it feels like home."

We wanted our own reality show, but since our budget is a pot of coffee and a box of biscuits we're staring with a blog. One small step toward world domination!


Stevyn Colgan said...

Good luck with the Saint 21 business! Sweden won't know what's hit it.

It doesn't get more rock and roll than the Lindy Hop.

punk in writing said...

Thank you Stevyn!

Not every man can carry off a zoot suit but you just might.

We've got so much going on it's crazy. It's a lot of fun, hard work and long hours as we've all got regular 9-5 jobs.

But it's what we love so we're hoping that we can one day make a living from Saint 21. We might never get there, but we'll be damned if we're gonna give up before we've tried.

Besides, how cool would it be to tell your boss you're quitting because your rock n roll business has taken off?