Tuesday, November 18

Meme Deluxe

I got a meme from Mr History himself, Chris Hale of The Middenshire Chronicles.

Sod Richard and Judy. Sod Oprah. What would you advise people to read? Name your favourite:

(a) Fiction book
(b) Autobiography
(c) Non-fiction book
(d) A fourth book of your choice from any genre.

Explain why the books are essential reads in no more than 30 words per book.

Oh dear, only one of each? And 30 words are so few. I'm gonna give it a try, so here we go.

(a) A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Young Sara Crewe has to work as a maid at her boarding school after her father goes missing. One of the few books I have read over and over since childhood.

(b) Jag valde mitt liv (= I chose my life) by Sigrid Kahle. As the wife of german-born diplomat John Kahle, Sigrid travelled the world and lived in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Iraq during the 1950s and 1960s. Funny, insightful and honest.

(c) Debs at War by Anne de Courcy. Young women from Britain's social elite left pearls and dances to do their part in the Second World War. Surprisingly, many treasured the opportunities the war gave them.

(d) A Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg. A feel-good Christmas read if there ever was one. When Oswald Campell moves to a small town in Alabama for his health, everything changes.

Phew! I ruled out a lot of good books to make this list, such as New Brunswick, New Jersey, Goodbye by Ronen Kauffman, Wicked by Gregory Maguire and The Million Dollar Mermaid by Esther Williams.

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chris hale said...

Great list, Punky. I particularly like the sound of Debs at War. I shall try to pick up a copy next time I'm at the library.