Wednesday, December 3

Let It Snow

It's snowing again. I'm indoors with a cold, so I've been passing the time with Spotify, a new music service that allows you to stream thousands of songs for free. So far it's only a beta version that requires an invite.

The Spotify client is a program that you download and then you're good to go. So far I like it. But as a fan of music that is released on smaller idependent labels I miss a lot of artists, such as NOFX and Groovie Ghoulies.

But it's legal and a great way to listen to new music. The downside is that everything is streamed so you need to be online to use it.


chris hale said...

Hi Punky!

This sounds very similar to You type in the name of a favoured artist and it will select hours of music for you. And it's free! Take a look at:

punk in writing said...

I'll check it out.
Thanks for stopping by!

Mr. Mantia said...

I haven't seen snow in more than a decade.