Monday, December 22

Oi To The World

It's almost time for Christmas and what better way to spread the message of peace than through punk rock? I give you "Oi To The World" by The Vandals.
If you're not used to keeping up with singers who deliver the lyrics at the speed of punk, you can find the words here.

No Doubt covered this song back in 1997. I tried to find that clip on YouTube but I kept getting an annoying message that the video was not available in my country. I really don't see the point of restrictions like those.
We're living in a global world and if YouTube won't show it than someone else will.


SweetPeaSurry said...

I am unable to view this video at this time (he he ... another annoying message) but only because I'm at work and they've 'BLOCKED' the YouTube site. No access!!! I'll be looking forward to checking it out tomorrow.

punk in writing said...

Blocking YouTube? That's just wrong...