Saturday, December 13

Outta My Way, Christmas Shoppers!

I was fighting my way through the crowds of people shopping for Christmas when this song popped into my head.

If you didn't watch Jem during your formative years, you missed out. I wrote about Jem and other great cartoons from my childhood here.

So far I've managed to stay away from the malls and have done most of my Christmas shopping online, at local independent stores or at farmer's markets.


Comedy Goddess said...

Blast from the past! Thanks!

punk in writing said...

Some things were better in the 80s. Or maybe it's just the shiny nostalgia that makes them looks so great?

Comedy Goddess said...

My figure was better in the 80's.

Thanks for following me!

wv: upsiumb = a toast made before downing a shot

Anonymous said...

I L.O.V.E. Jem!! Fockin nostalgia!!