Thursday, December 4

Spending Time With The Girls

I'm recovering from my cold with the help of green tea, vitamin c and technicolor movies. At the moment I'm getting a dose of glamour from Marilyn, Betty and Lauren.
According to Chris Hale's post on the word blog, I guess that makes me a Blogart, even if "How To Marry A Millionaire" is from 1953.

(Blogart - Either (i) the pretty pictures on your blog; or (ii) an online aficionado of 1940s films.)

Being sick gets old really quick, so I'm doing everything I can think of to get better. I wouldn't wanna miss the Retro Blaster Xmas Bash this Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Oh poor Punk, feel better soon.
Thanks for the visit and taking the time to sign my guest book. Nice to meet you!

punk in writing said...

I think there's hope for me yet. :)
Thanks for dropping by.

Mr. Mantia said...

I've been sick too, but I've been filling my time with TOHO films.

I haven't seen How To Marry A Millionaire yet, I've only seen Some Like It Hot.