Friday, January 30

Easy To Wed

Junk food, chocolate and a movie. Is there a better way to spend a friday night? Not when the movie you're watching is "Easy To Wed" from 1946, starring Esther Williams, Van Johnson and Lucille Ball.

Lucille Ball singing "Continental polka".

Esther Williams and Van Johnson. He's about to get wet.

Punk in nine easy steps

Howcast, a how-to video site, has posted this video on how to be punk.
"You don't need to have anything to rebel against, you just need to look like you do."

Hmm... it's funny stuff and a lot of it is true. But I still believe that the true heart of punk is in attitude and art, not the image.

Wednesday, January 28

Neil and the Newbery

Neil Gaiman has won the prestigious Newbery Medal for his children's book The Graveyard Book. The Guardian has an article on the prize and populism, where Neil Gaiman's presence on twitter and his frequent blog posts are mentioned as part of his appeal.

Neil Gaiman is currently promoting the movie version of his children's book Coraline. It's directed by Henry Selick of The Nightmare Before Christmas fame. For more on the Coraline movie, go to

Tuesday, January 27

Lorenzo in Helsingborgs Dagblad

My friend Lorenzo talks about his tattoo in Helsingborgs Dagblad, as a part of a feature on tattoos. The reporter needed a tattooed hiphopper, so I gave her Lorenzo's number.

I know a lot of people with ink.

Photos by me, taken at Saint 21 aka the home of the HepCat Store.

Monday, January 26

Cherry Overdrive on MTV

Cherry Overdrive, an all girl garage band from Copenhagen, are gonna be on MTV. Well, their music anyway. A bunch of their songs will be used on an upcoming show on MTV Europe.
The producers of the show found the band through their Myspace page.

Cherry Overdrive are of course a HepTown Records band. They'll be touring Europe in March. Details can be found here.

Thursday, January 22

My life in the knife trade

I'm recovering from surgey. Nothing major, but it's still an ordeal to get to hospital and go under the knife. Falling asleep was actually rather pleasant, even though I don't like being under the influence of drugs.

Waking up from the anaesthetic was the worst part. I got jittery and had a really hard time staying still in the bed. I couldn't calm down enough to read so I started talking to the other patients instead. Much better than staring into the wall.
I'm still not sure if it was a reaction to the drugs I was given or just nerves.

One of my fellow patients said it just felt like he'd had a great night out and woke up hungover.
My reply: In that case I must have partied like a young Keith Richards last night.

Here's BoySetsFire with "My Life In the Knife Trade". Has nothing to do with hospitals, but it's a great song.

Wednesday, January 21

AFI - masters of viral marketing?

AFI are currently in the studio working on a new album. But as part of the process they invited all their (U.S.) fans to make a 2 minute video about themselves and post it on YouTube.

The band will choose five winners and the sixth and final winner will be determined by the public vote. The lucky winners will get to fly out to LA, meet the band and sing on the record. Not bad for introducing yourself, eh?

AFI did a similar thing on their last record, I think it was a contest for members of their fanclub, the despair faction. The winners got to meet the band and sing backup.

For the release of their previous album Decemberunderground AFI created an elaborate online mystery. Those who managed to solve it and showed up at the right place and time were rewarded with tickets to secret shows.
There is now a new mystery in the making, check it out here.

The guy who wrote the posts explaining the online mysteries is also the third winner. AFI dropped by his office to tell him the good news. Why does things like this never happen to me?

But this is not just a contest, it's a great way to market the new album. Anyone who is participating is sure to send their submission to all their friends, encouraging them to vote. Their actions will create a buzz and be mentioned in blogs (such as this one), media and on forums.
The contest website will have people coming back to look at new videos and post their comments, keeping the website looking fresh and up to date.

All effective ways of spreading the word that AFI has a new record coming out at a small cost compared to conventional advertising. This is what viral marketing is all about.
Pre-release hype is very good for selling records.

Sunday, January 18

Gotta Love John Waters

The director of CryBaby and Hairspray offers President Obama some advice over on BBC America.
Check it out here.

CryBaby is one of my favourite movies of all time.

Saturday, January 17

Sweet Amanda - Burlesque Star In The Making

My friend Sweet Amanda made her debut as a burlesque performer at the Xmas Bash back in December. I finally got around to posting the photos from her performance over at HepTown.
She was great, it's not easy to get on stage in front of people you know and do the shimmy.

Unfortunately I had a cold and had to leave early, but other than that it was a great night. I'm just sad I missed two of the bands.

Sweet Amanda is currently working on a new routine.

Friday, January 16

SLC Punk!

I watched SLC Punk! last night. The whole movie is posted on YouTube.
Oh how I love life in the 21st century, with laptops, streaming video and broadband internet.

SLC Punk! feels more coherent and less dystopian than many other punk movies like Suburbia and Another State of Mind.

Here is part one (of ten).

Thursday, January 15

Speaking of Country...

Country singer Porter Wagoner was a really snappy dresser. He was sometimes referred to as a rhinestone cowboy because of his sparkly suits, custom made by Nudie of Hollywood.

Taylor Nudie Cohn also dressed Elvis Presley, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash.
Here's Porter singning with his young protégé, Dolly Parton.
I love Dolly's make up in this clip.

God's Country

Two variations on the same theme. And funny as hell.

I wonder if signs like these have any effect on speed limits. Would you slow down? Or would you go even faster just to get out of there?

Sunday, January 11

June Carter was really cute. And funny.

Me and Kix watched "Walk The Line" and talked about boys. And music, boys and how pretty June Carter was.
And she was funny too. Maybe there is hope for all us strong, independent women after all. Because I'm a lot of things but petite and demure ain't two of them.

Wednesday, January 7

Drag Queen Glamour

Nobody knows how to glam it up like a drag queen. Maybe that's why MAC Cosmetics are launching a line of cosmetics inspired by the one and only Dame Edna.

I'm the first woman in south Sweden who owns a lipglass in Possum Pink and a Royal Tour Trio eyeshadow. Just looking at the sparkly purple packaging with Dame Ednas trademark glasses makes me happy.

Sunday, January 4

Questionable Content

One of the perks of working at a computer all day is that it's easy to take a break and read webcomics. I've mentioned Nothing Nice To Say before, but here's another one called Questionable Content.

Like NN2S it is full of references to obscure bands, emo kids and subcultures. It's more indie rock than punk but still a great read. I've read my way through the 1309 episodes that have been posted so far.

Creator Jeph Jaques posts a new episode every weekday. Check 'em out and enter the universe of nerdy indy rock boys, strong female baristas and evil computers.

Thursday, January 1

Dinner For One

New Years Eve in Sweden isn't complete without this skit on tv. It's called "Dinner for One" and was recorded for German TV in 1963.
It is said to be the most repeated television show ever.

I'm not sure if it's the snuggly warmth of nostalgia or the great performance of actor Freddy Frinton as the butler that makes this skit compulsory viewing for me once a year.

The Guardian wrote a feature on "Dinner for One" in 2002 and this article was published in the Telegraph in 2005.

Happy New 2009!

I hope you all have a fabulous 2009.
Remember to eat plenty of chocolate, but only the good quality stuff.