Friday, January 30

Easy To Wed

Junk food, chocolate and a movie. Is there a better way to spend a friday night? Not when the movie you're watching is "Easy To Wed" from 1946, starring Esther Williams, Van Johnson and Lucille Ball.

Lucille Ball singing "Continental polka".

Esther Williams and Van Johnson. He's about to get wet.


Comedy Goddess said...

Punk you live in Sweden! Where are all the sexy men on a Friday night? At least I can dream that there are some some sexy Nordic men around can't I?

punk in writing said...

There are quite a few around. I run HepTown Record and HepCat Store with at least five of them.
But some days you just wanna go home and eat chocolate in your pajamas.

Dream away!

Comedy Goddess said...

Okay. You got me nervous for a minute.

You have got it made I might add.