Thursday, January 22

My life in the knife trade

I'm recovering from surgey. Nothing major, but it's still an ordeal to get to hospital and go under the knife. Falling asleep was actually rather pleasant, even though I don't like being under the influence of drugs.

Waking up from the anaesthetic was the worst part. I got jittery and had a really hard time staying still in the bed. I couldn't calm down enough to read so I started talking to the other patients instead. Much better than staring into the wall.
I'm still not sure if it was a reaction to the drugs I was given or just nerves.

One of my fellow patients said it just felt like he'd had a great night out and woke up hungover.
My reply: In that case I must have partied like a young Keith Richards last night.

Here's BoySetsFire with "My Life In the Knife Trade". Has nothing to do with hospitals, but it's a great song.


Comedy Goddess said...

I actually find myself longing for my hospital room that I had after having my gall bladder removed. It was calm. It was staffed. It was pretty much like having time off from doing anything. Not bad at all. Not too painful either.

punk in writing said...

I just wanted to go be well and get out of there.
I got things to do and places to be!

When you're in hospital there's always someone to ask though. It's amazing how helpful nurses are when you ask nicely and remember to say please.