Sunday, January 4

Questionable Content

One of the perks of working at a computer all day is that it's easy to take a break and read webcomics. I've mentioned Nothing Nice To Say before, but here's another one called Questionable Content.

Like NN2S it is full of references to obscure bands, emo kids and subcultures. It's more indie rock than punk but still a great read. I've read my way through the 1309 episodes that have been posted so far.

Creator Jeph Jaques posts a new episode every weekday. Check 'em out and enter the universe of nerdy indy rock boys, strong female baristas and evil computers.


Cassie The Venomous said...

Ha-ha! Web-comics: the ultimate time-killers.


Comedy Goddess said...

Thanks, I always clue into something new here!
Happy 09!

punk in writing said...

CTV:But what a way to kill five minutes or so. :D

CG: I aim to please. Happy 09 to you too!